About Us


Founded by music producer Chris Craft (CRFT) and his daughter Naomi, BeatCurve is a global community built on the foundation of beat culture. Our mission is to inspire music producers through art, products, and content.

Lo Fidelity is more than music. Lo Fidelity is the sound of a subculture of creatives who use vibe and frequency to please listeners’ ears. BeatCurve’s Lo Fidelity line is here to provide those who love lo-fi and beat culture with products to express themselves through clothing, accessories, stickers, posters, and more.

Our shirts are printed on the highest quality material, this is the definitive tee for lo-fi beatmakers and enthusiasts. The LO FIDELITY tee features a minimal design that visually captures the warm and fuzzy sonic aesthetic of lo-fi hip-hop music. Grab one or two now. Limited quantities.